Impact on Student Success

Impact on Student Success

Helping the Next Generation of Students

For Jan and Helen Novotny, a passion for education and strong belief in helping the next generation of students are the reasons behind their planned gift to Fanshawe College.

Jan reflects that when he first joined the college in 1987, there were numerous media articles about the shortage of technically trained manpower. Unfortunately, in the past 15 years not much has changed and there are still reports of a growing shortage of skilled labor. As such, Jan and Helen have established a fund with their planned gift that will pay for the first-year of tuition for a student enrolled in a technology-based program.

"It is important for us to leave something behind," says Jan Novotny. "We want to inspire others to think about how they can make an impact on the future of our community and our country."

In 1987 Jan was hired as the Chair of Continuing Education at Fanshawe College in what was then the Department of Technology. At that time, there were three employees and the department offered 200 part time computer and technology courses.  By the time he retired in 2005, there were over 25 employees and the course offerings had expanded significantly. For Jan, the most interesting element to working at the College was the interaction with students and exposure to a variety of different cultures. 

According to Jan and Helen, "If you live in London, your path always crosses with Fanshawe College in one way or another."