Welcome to 2012 - An Introduction to our Committees


As part of our plan to develop new and innovative ways to strengthen our Association, the Board is changing the way our committees are structured. Committee work is where things really happen. Board meetings are for strategic discussions and decisions, but when it comes to implementing new ideas, committees do the heavy lifting.

We currently have three committees: Marketing, Programs and Events, which meet every other month. Each committee is comprised of board members — although we’re always looking for alumni to join in and participate.

  • The Marketing committee will be focusing on branding and promotion of the Association. Specifically, they’ll be working on implementing our Fanshawe Forever slogan.
  • The Programs committee is looking at new perks and benefits for our constituents.
  • The Events committee will be working to grow our roster of events for graduates.

The work that our committees do is critical to the Alumni Association and I thank all committee members for their dedication and hard work. If you’re a Fanshawe College alumni and would like to get involved in the work that our committees are doing, please contact Michael Wickett for further information.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, here’s to a great 2012.