Canadian, Please

June 26, 2009
"Just in time for Canada Day, our guide on HOW TO BE CANADIAN! Help us oot and share this video to spread Canadian pride, eh!"

So ya wanna be Canadian, please?

The newest work from Fanshawe's very own TV grad, Andrew Gunadie can help you out! From poutine to insulin, caribou to canoes, Andrew's got it all in this two-and-a-half minute YouTube video.

Andrew graduated in 2007 from the Fanshawe/UWO Collaborative Media Theory and Production program (TV stream). He interned at Dufferin Gate post-production facilities in Toronto and worked on Canada's Next Top Model.

Laurel-Ann Hardie, professor and internship coordinator in Fanshawe's School of Contemporary Media, says "Andrew was an exceptionally creative student with a real gift for editing." Watch his video and you'll see - and hear - for yourself!

Andrew currently teaches at Yamaha Music for Children in London and continues to produce videos for YouTube.

Congratulations to Andrew and Happy Canada Day everyone!