Emergency Management-2015/2016

Emergency Management-2015/2016

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A 19-Week Ontario College Graduate Certificate Program

Program Code: EMG1
Campus Code: LC (LC - London)
January Admission
19 week term
Academic Calendars available at


School of Public Safety: 519-452-4207

Program Description

The 19-week graduate certificate program in Emergency Management (EM) prepares graduates for employment in the public or private sector as an Emergency Manager or member of a team engaged in activities in the area of emergency and disaster management.

This program begins in January and is delivered in a modular format, with each 3-4 week module comprised of in-class interaction one day per week, complemented by self-directed on-line course work for each module. The five modules proceed sequentially, with successful completion of each module necessary for progression to the next. Given the blended in-class/on-line delivery format, the program is ideally suited to employed students who can commit one day per week in-class and who are also self-motivated to complete the extensive on-line learning that is required.

The program reflects the work that emergency managers must be able to perform on a regular basis within the framework of appropriate emergency management legislation. This program will equip emergency managers with the necessary skills to address key areas of emergency management from disaster preparedness, coordination and management of emergency events escalating through to catastrophes, to hazards, risk assessment, terrorism, mitigation/prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

Program Pathways

For information about Program Pathways visit www.fanshawec.ca/programpathways.