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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup my wireless connection? In order to set up your wireless connection you have a couple of options. You can get your wireless setup by one of the helpful staff at the Helpdesk which is located in E2030, or you have setup your wireless using the online tutorial.Back to Top

I can start Newsroom Remote but I get an error when trying to download. This usually means there is a problem with the server that NRRemote connects to. This means that the problem may not lie local to your system but be on the server side of things. Even though this is may not be a problem with your computer it is best to contact the Helpdesk to help get this service back up.Back to Top

What software am I entitled to as a Newsroom student? As a Newsroom student you are entitled to licenses for the following software:

Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Office 2007
News Room Remote

As a Newsroom student you are entitled to the licenses only. This does not mean that you are entitled of a copy of the software, but you are entitled to the installation on to your laptop.Back to Top

Where can I connect to the wireless network? As a News Room student you have wireless access in E building, M building and the Library. The wireless signal can very depending on factors such as interference, the type of wireless card you have (either G or B where G can connect a higher speed) and where the access points are located within those buildings. Back to Top

Where do I get my software? You can get your software installed at The Helpdesk. The Helpdesk is located at E2030. The Helpdesk will install and prepare your software so that it ready to use.Back to Top

Why can't I connect to Newsroom Remote? This could one of many reasons. Make sure that the Windows account you are trying to access NRRemote has the same login information as your NewsRoom account. For example, John Smith would use the account named jsmith to run NRRemote 2.0. If not there is a great possibility that he will not be able to get a connection. This must be the same name when logging into the Newsroom. The password will also have to be the same. In most cases the password is 'password'. If the password settings have been changed this could be a problem as well. If this is not the case, check the computers connectivity to the internet. For further help visit the Connect Resource Centre. The Connect Resource Centre located in E2030 (2nd floor in E building).
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Why does my laptop freeze at the Welcome Screen? If you are experience difficulties getting into Windows after Newsroom Remote 4.0 has been installed it is most likely that the software been installed on the wrong account. This could be a problem as a result of a irregular naming convention with your account where the software is continuously trying to log on to Newsroom Remote with false login information. This can be taken care of by the staff at the Helpdesk in E2030.Back to Top

Broadcast Journalism

Recommended Laptop Specifications

Feature Specs
Processor M: Intel i3 Processor
Memory M: 2 GB installed or more
Hard Drive 120 GB S-ATA 5400rpm or larger
Optical Drive R: DVD SuperMulti Dual Layer

M: DVD Multi
Floppy Drive Optional
Network Interface R: Ethernet 10/100 Mbps with RJ45 jack
Wireless Interface R: 802.11n recommended

M: 802.11g
Modem Not required
Video M: XGA Capable
Display M: 14" XGA (1024x768) or better
Audio Any
USB Ports 2 x USB 2.0
Serial Port Not required
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 or Vista - 32/64 bit
Warranty 3 Yr comprehensive parts and labour

Man. Sciences

Welcome to the Manufacturing Sciences Division - Software Distribution.

Starting in the Winter 2005 (05W) semester, the Manufacturing Sciences Division is providing select Microsoft operating systems, programming languages and other developer tools to its faculty and students through the Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) agreement. With this service you will have the capability of downloading software to your personal computer for educational and non-commercial research purposes at no cost.

For each student who is taking at least one information technology course which leads to a credit towards a certificate or diploma, an account will be created. An email will be sent to your FanshaweOnline email account. The email will contain your username (i.e., a password, and a link to the .

For more information or assistance contact CONNECT Resource Centre (E2030-CRC).


School of Business

All Laptop Programs

Business Accounting (2nd Year ONLY) (BAC)
Business Administration - Accounting (BAA)
Business Administration - Human Resources (BAH)
Business Administration - Leadership and Management (BAL)
Business Administration - Marketing (BAM)
Human Resources Management (HMG)
International Business Management (ITB)

Marketing Management (MKM)
Recommended Laptop Specifications
Feature Specs
Processor M: Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
Memory M: 2 GB installed
Hard Drive 120 GB S-ATA 5400rpm or larger
Optical Drive R: DVD SuperMulti Dual Layer

M: DVD Multi
Floppy Drive Optional
Network Interface R: Ethernet 10/100 Mbps with RJ45 jack
Wireless Interface Not required

R: 802.11g recommended

M: 802.11b is acceptable but slow, not all cards are supported
Modem Not required
Video M: XGA Capable
Display M: 14" XGA (1024x768) or better
Audio Any
USB Ports 2 x USB 2.0
Serial Port Not required
Operating System Must be compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 7
Warranty 3 Yr comprehensive parts and labour
Important Notes:

Fanshawe College strongly recommends that you secure insurance coverage against the theft of or physical damage to your laptop computer. Many homeowner policies require a separate rider for laptop coverage.

ONLY English Operating Systems are Supported.

[1] Fanshawe College recommends these configurations in the belief that they will provide the student laptop user with sufficient computing resources to be capable of meeting current curriculum objectives that involve use of the laptop. The College provides in-house warranty and repair services for IBM, LG laptops computers, and free loaners (subject to availability) to CONNECT students who purchased a recommended model from the College Computer Store. A limited number of loaners are available to other CONNECT students for a daily fee.

[2] Wireless connectivity (802.11b/g) is available in some areas of the College. Instructions for access will be provided on arrival.

[3] Laptop computers in CONNECT programs tend to be subjected to rough usage. A strong 3 year warranty is highly recommended. The HelpDesk has technicians trained to carry out on-site warranty services on IBM, LG and Toshiba laptops.

[4] CONNECT student laptops need not have an operating system installed before arriving at the College. You will be provided with a copy of Microsoft Windows Vista Business with patches and updates, and, where required, access to free Linux downloads (unless free access to Linux changes in the future). If your computer has another version of Windows, or no operating system at all, you can upgrade it to Windows Vista Business at no cost through the College after you begin your academic program. License for the College-installed version of Windows terminates when you leave the College .

[5] 64 bit Operating Systems will be supported, unless they cause a conflict with educational software. If a conflict occurs the HelpDesk can help to facilitate the installation of a 32 bit Operating System.

School of IT

Recommended Laptop Specifications

Feature Specs
Processor 64 bit Multicore Intel® with Intel-VT support or 64 bit Multicore AMD with AMD-V support

Memory M: 8 GB installed
Optical Drive R: DVD Multi Dual Layer

M: DVD Multi
Floppy Drive Optional
Network Interface M: Ethernet 10/100 Mbps or better with standard RJ45 jack
Wireless Interface R: 802.11b/g/n
Modem Not required
Video Full OpenGL 3.3 (Recommended: 4.0 or higher) and DirectX 11 (or higher)
Display M: 14" XGA (1024x768) or better
Audio R: DirectX compatible
M: Any
USB Ports M: 2 x USB 2.0
Serial Port M: Serial COMM port or
USB-to-COMM adaptor
Warranty M: 3 Yr comprehensive parts and labour
Operating System Must be compatible with Microsoft Windows 7/Vista and common Linux distributions.
Network Cable(s) R: 1 x Ethernet Network Patch Cable (approx 5ft; Cat 5e; RJ45 connectors).

R - Recommended Hardware

M - Minimum Hardware Required




Fanshawe College

Good Computing Policy for Residence

In order to ensure that the computer network at Fanshawe operates effectively, the following regulations apply to its use:

  • The Fanshawe College and in particular the Residence network is for non-commerical use only and any commercial use is strongly prohibited.
  • Any modification to network hardware, wiring and jacks is prohibited.
  • Students must not attempt to get around the physical and logical restrictions associated with the Residence Network.
  • Students shall not extend beyond the area designated for their use, this includes wireless devices.
  • Spoofing or any form of misrepresentation of one's identity by changing a designated IP address, Hardware address or NetBIOS name is prohibited.
  • The Fanshawe College and in particular the Residence network may not be used for illegal activity. The transmission of any material that is in violation of any Canadian Federal, Provincial statute or court order is strictly prohibited.
  • The Fanshawe College network and in particular the Residence network must not be used to attempt unauthorized access to systems including College and personal computers, software, and or data, nor to interfere with or disrupt network users, services or equipment on the College or on any network for that matter.
  • Introduction of malicious programs into the network or server (e.g., viruses, worms, Trojan horses, e-mail bombs, etc.).
  • The network must not be used to transmit any communication where the meaning of the message, or its transmission or distribution, is intended to be or is likely to be perceived as being abusive, offensive, or harassing to the recipient or recipients thereof.
  • A student’s personal computer may not be used as a server or as a mirror site.
  • Port scanning or security scanning is expressly prohibited unless prior notification to Network Services of Fanshawe College is made.
  • Fanshawe College reserves the right to terminate without warning or notice any connection that is deemed to be an offender of any of the above


Getting Started

The following information is designed to assist you in getting connected to the Fanshawe Wireless network.

What you need to connect:

  • A Wi-Fi enabled laptop or device
    • The Fanshawe Wireless Network is built using Ethernet wireless standards. The network will provide access to college resources and the Internet. Wireless cards are available for most laptop computers and handheld devices.
  • Students (Fanshawe Students)
    • In order to be eligible to connect to the Fanshawe Wireless network, students must be in an academic semester at the college. Students must have a valid Fanshawe account (UserName and Password) to be able to log into the network.
  • Staff/Faculty (FANSHAWE Employees)
    • All staff and faculty members will log into the Fanshawe Wireless network using their Exchange credentials.

Setup Guide:

Setup Guide Document