Publications, Presentations & Articles


Gate Charge Control for MOSFET Turn-OFF in PWM Motor Drives Through Empirical Means by Dr. John Makaran, School of Applied Science & Technology, May 2010.Originally published in the May 2010 (Vol. 25, No. 5) issue of IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics. Posted with permission of the IEEE.
Identification of Plant Sources for Wildflower Honey Production by Lauren Burdick, Cheryl Ketola, Ph.D., and Karen Buchholz, M.Sc, 2008.


College Success of Students with Psychiatric Disabilities: Barriers of Access and Distraction by Dr. Robert C. McEwan, Counselling & Accessibility Services, and Robert Downie, Institutional Research. Originally published in the Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 26(3), pages 233-248.

Putting Old Heads on Young Shoulders: Infusing Emotional Intelligence in a  First Semester College Course by Thomas Jarvis, Lawrence Kinlin  School of Business, October 2010.

Problem-Based Learning in Technology at Fanshawe College by Frederick C. Varkaris, BSc, MSc, MEd, School of Building Technology. MA thesis. The University of Western Ontario. October 2010

Factors Affecting Attrition at a Canadian College by Roger Fisher, PhD, School of Language & Liberal Studies and Joe Engemann, PhD, Brock University, 2009. Originally published by the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL), Fall 2009. Posted with CCL permission.                                    

Increasing the Enrollment of Women in IT at Fanshawe College by Karen MacIntyre, CGA, MBA, School of Information Technology, February 2009.
The Scholarship of College Teaching: Research Opportunities in the New Millennium by Roger Fisher, PhD, School of Language & Liberal Studies, 2006.
Faculty Participation in Research at Canadian Colleges: A National Survey by Roger Fisher, PhD, School of Language & Liberal Studies, April 2008.


Early Childhood Practitioners and Parents: Partnering to Enhance Children's Self-Esteem by Jan Blaxall, MASc (Educational Psychology), BA (Honours Psychology), School of Human Services. Originally published in Interaction, Fall 2008. Posted with permission of the Canadian Child Care Federation.
Time-Out or Time-In? by Jan Blaxall, MASc (Educational Psychology), BA (Honours Psychology), School of Human Services. Originally published in Interaction, Fall 2008. Posted with permission of the Canadian Child Care Federation.


The College Advantage: Private Sector Innovation & Highly Qualified Personnel by Roger Fisher, PhD, School of Language & Liberal Studies, March 2008.


Legitimacy and identity in teacher education: a micro-political struggle constrained by macro-political pressures by Peter P. Grimmett, Rob Fleming and Lane Trotter. Originally published in the Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education (Vol. 37, No. 1), February 2009. Posted with permission from Taylor & Francis Group Publishers.     


Gasping for Breath: Fanshawe College Researchers Seek Links Between Rapid Changes in Air Quality and Health.  This article profiles the work undertaken by Dr. Victor Sells and Dr. Barrow Baldwin, School of Applied Science & Technology. Article used with permission from the Canada Foundation for Innovation. Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.


Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci (VRE) and the Role of the Healthcare Worker by Marilyn Ott, RN, BScN, MScN, School of Nursing and Heather Wirick, RN, BScN, Victoria Hospital, London, ON. Originally published in the Canadian Operating Room Nursing Journal, Vol., 26, Issue 1, March 2008. Posted with the permission of the Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada. 



Innovation in English Grammar Instruction - Phase II by Corinne Marshall, BA, MA, BEd, School of Language and Liberal Studies, January 9, 2008.

Essential Skills

Bare Essentials: An Introduction to Essential Skills  Project Lead: Sandra Hennessey, Centre for Community Services. Editor: Susan Leslie McIntosh, BA, Diploma, Print Journalism, Centre for Applied Research, Innovation & University Partnerships. Designer: Bruce Moore, Learning Systems Services, December 2008. Originally published by the College Sector Committee for Adult Upgrading (CSC). Posted with permission.    

Health Sciences

Increasing Paramedic Students' Resiliency to Stress: Assessing Correlates and the Impact of Intervention by Shirley Porter, MEd, RSW, Counselling & Accessibility Services, May 2008.
Reclaiming Our Heritage: Ritual and Ceremony in Nursing Education by Lorena M. Harvey, RN, BA, BSN, MN, Professor and Judy McKale-Waring, RN, BScN, MEd, Western Collaborative BScN Program, School of Nursing, May 2008.

Information Technology

Teaching Structured Troubleshooting: Integrating a Standard Methodology into an Information Technology Program by Craig Ross, School of Information Technology, and R. Robert Orr, University of Windsor, 2007.

Learning Styles

Verbalisers and Visualisers: Cognitive Styles That Are Less Than Equal by Robert C. McEwan, PhD, and Shelley Reynolds, MEd, Counselling & Accessibility Services, 2007.


College-Level Literacy: An Inventory of Current Practices at Ontario's Colleges by Roger Fisher, PhD, Centre for Applied Research, Innovation & University Partnerships, and Whitney Hoth, MA, School of Language & Liberal Studies, November 2010. Commissioned and published by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO). Posted with permission.


A Two-Step Approach to Diagnostic Assessment in College Math by Mark C. Henning, BSc, MESc, Math Coordinator, Faculty of Technology, 2009.
Correlating Student Mathematics Diagnostic Testing and High School Mathematics Grades with Performance in the Fanshawe College Pre-Health Science Program by Susan Cluett, BSc, MEng., Julian Jarosh, BSc, MBA., MSc, BEd and Wendi Roscoe, BSc, MSc, BEd, PhD, School of Health Sciences, 2009.
A Study of the Level of Math Preparedness of Manufacturing Sciences Students in the Fall Semester of 2005 by Mark C. Henning, BSc, MESc, Math Coordinator, Faculty of Technology, 2006.

Online Learning

Online Learning in Rural Communities by Dianne Harrison and Courtney McGee, Avon Maitland District School Board, and Denis Gravelle, Continuing Education, Fanshawe College, November 2007.