Toolbox for Researchers

College Policies Relating to Research

1-J-01          Research and Scholarly Activity by Fanshawe College Employees

1-J-02          Integrity in Research and Scholarship

1-J-03          Ethics Guidelines and Review Process for Research Involving Human Subjects

1-J-04          Use of Animals in Research

1-J-05          Academic Freedom - Rights & Responsibilities

1-J-06          Student Research Projects & Research Ethics Approval

1-B-05         Conflict of Interest

1-B-05 (f)     Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form


Project Budgets

Please contact staff in the Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) for assistance with research project budgets.

Budgets are based on formulae in Fanshawe College's Standard Costing Worksheet and must be veted with CRI prior to submission to a funder.

Fanshawe College Standard Costing Worksheet 2014


Research Methodologies

Qualitative Research  Methodology This presentation by Dr. Michelle McGinn, Brock University, was made at Fanshawe College in May 2010, and is posted with Dr. McGinn's permission.