Research Skills Development

From Cornell University
How to Write a Research Paper  
Prof. Bruce Lowenstein of Cornell University provides a template highlighting the structure researchers follow as they write professional research reports and journal articles. Used by permission. View document.
From the Wellesley Institute
The Wellesley Institute, a Toronto-based non-profit research and policy institute, develops research and community-based policy solutions to the problems of urban health and health disparities. The Institute has developed a series of informative presentations on how to conduct community-based research, including "how-tos" on such topics as conducting literature reviews, interviewing research subjects, developing surveys and analyzing data. The organization has made its materials available to the public free of charge. Research Fanshawe has selected some of the most relevant presentations from the organization's menu of Community-Based Research (CBR) and Capacity Building (CAP) workshops for posting on our website.
Message from the Wellesley Institute on Use of Its Materials
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Wellesley Institute Workshop Directory
All workshops are available for download at
CAP Workshops
Write a Winning Proposal
Introduction to Project Management
CBR Workshops
An Introduction to Community-Based Research
Ethical Issues in Community-Based Research
How to Do an Interview for Research
How to Develop Effective Client Satisfaction Tools
How to Do a Literature Review
Writing Effective Letters of Intent
Writing Effective Community-Based Research Proposals
Introduction to Survey Data Analysis with Excel
A Hands-On Approach to Qualitative Methods & Analysis
A Hands-On Approach to Developing Survey Tools in Community-Based Research