What We Do

Putting knowledge to work!

The Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) is Fanshawe College’s Research Office and Industry Innovation Centre (IIC). CRI works with industry and community partners, and with Fanshawe researchers, to develop innovative research projects and programs, and serves as the College’s liaison to external funders. In short, we're the first point of contact for R&D services at Fanshawe College.

Our services

  • Identifies research funding opportunities
  • Provides project development assistance -- grant applications, proposals, project budgets and post-award implementation
  • Connects business and industry to R&D services at Fanshawe College
  • Administers RIF, Fanshawe’s internal research seed fund (Research Innovation Fund)
  • Provides research-related information and research skills development opportunities to Fanshawe employees
  • Communicates and celebrates Fanshawe’s research activities and achievements through such publications as research fanshawe magazine 

Contact us at research@fanshawec.ca. We’re in Room T3010, London Campus, 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd., London, Ontario, Canada. N5Y 5R6.