Student Research and Innovation Day

Entry deadline: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. EST

SRID 2014 is the 3rd Annual Student Research & Innovation Day

SRID -- Student Research & Innovation Day -- is the annual showcase of Fanshawe College student research projects. Students who have completed individual, group, class or capstone projects are invited to submit projects for consideration (see How to Apply for details). The selection committee reviews all entries and chooses semi-finalists. Semi-finalists are invited to display their projects at the event. Judges assess each project based on specific criteria. Winners are chosen and cash prizes awarded. SRID is open to all Fanshawe College students and recent graduates* from all programs.

This year, two separate categories have been established -- applied research and social innovation and scholarship.

Applied research focuses on innovation, improvement or creation of new products, services or processes that have the potential for commercialization and future sales. Examples from past competitions that would fit into this category include kitchen countertops made from recyclable materials and a software application that allows police to stop vehicles during pursuits.

Social innovation and scholarship projects focus on strategies, concepts, ideas and knowledge that define problems and address human needs — socio-economic, political and global issues, technology and society, community and international development, education (pre-school to postsecondary), health care, the sociology of groups and issues of equity, gender and social justice. Past projects that fit into this category have included literature reviews and/or studies into health care delivery, disease management, sustainable design and behaviours/attitudes of particular groups in certain situations, e.g., the recreational preferences of Asian international students.

Each category will be judged separately. First, second, third and People's Choice winners will be awarded in each category.

SRID takes place at the London Campus of Fanshawe College

on Wednesday, March 26, 2014.

Times and locations will be announced in coming months.

Watch this website for updates!


SRID is organized by the Fanshawe College Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI). 


* Recent graduates are students who have graduated from any Fanshawe College program between

January 1, 2013 and February 21, 2014.