The College has had three different logos since 1967.

Graphic of Fanshawe's first logo1967 to 1981

The College's first logo originated from the word Fanshawe, which comes from two old English words – “fane” (temple) and “shaw” (wood). The logo design was inspired by these words and was used until 1981.


Graphic of Fanshawe's second logo1981 to 2014

The four stylized Fs represent the four counties served by Fanshawe. It was chosen from designs submitted by students, staff, alumni and the public. Staff member Mike Bush designed the winning entry.


Graphic of Fanshawe's current logo2014 to present

Fanshawe's NorthStar is comprised of four letter Fs that come together to represent all points of the compass to create multiple pathways to explore. It pays homage to its heritage and the four counties that inspired it.