Photo of Bonnie

A story of unlocking potential

In 1987, when employers rarely provided curb cuts or automatic door openers and "accessibility" was not yet a known term, when hiring someone with a visible disability was all but unheard of, the Registrar's Office had a huge mail-out to complete on a deadline. I was out of school and had applied to many job postings throughout London. I was always, unfortunately, their second choice. My mother worked in the Registrar's Office and, knowing how bored and frustrated I had become, asked the office manager if I could volunteer to help with the mail-out. The manager agreed and within a couple of weeks this led to my paid employment by the college.

I have since worked in Student Records, Financial Aid, Marketing, Counselling and Accessibility Services and the Millennium Centre. In 2002 I became the Peer Tutor Coordinator. This position in the Learning Centre has allowed me to interact with more than 1,000 students each year, both those seeking academic assistance and those who have excelled in their academics. Every day is a new and remarkable experience.

Thank you, Fanshawe, for having the vision to unlock my potential by taking a chance on hiring a person with disability. Fanshawe staff and students have always realized my abilities and not focused on my disability. The people of Fanshawe make it a fantastic place to be!