Photo of Clarisse

A love story

It was love that brought Clarisse Mukashumbusho Cechetto from Rwanda to Fanshawe!

She became engaged to a Canadian working in Rwanda, and came to London where her fiancé's family lived. She studied English in EAP (then ESL) as an international student for 6 months before enrolling in ECE.

Clarisse had been a public health officer in Rwanda, and had always enjoyed working with families and children. Thus, she really enjoyed the ECE program, and was especially appreciative of her professors, who were extremely supportive of her, and respectful of the perspective and maturity she brought to her classes as an orphaned survivor of the Rwandan genocide.

After graduating (on the President's honour roll) with a diploma, Clarisse also took the bridging courses required for the ECE Leadership degree program, but has not pursued years 3 and 4 yet. After some time at home after the birth of her first child, Clarisse worked for Fanshawe as a placement supervisor in ECE, and also as a part-time visitation supervisor at Merrymount. She obtained a full-time position with the London District Catholic School Board in 2014 as an early childhood educator in a French Immersion kindergarten. She is currently on parental leave with her second child.