Making radio waves

Photo of Dave Elliott
What brought you to Fanshawe: 

Growing up I always had an interest in radio and as I started looking at radio as a potential career path I began looking at post-secondary options in the field. Fanshawe was the name that kept coming up as the top destination in the country to get the best exposure and hands-on experience to prepare students for a career in radio broadcasting.

In photo: Dave, right, with wife Dina.

Tell us about your favourite Fanshawe experience: 

There are lots of memories of great friends and instructors who really care, fun times in the Out Back Shack and playing intra-mural sports. Overall it was the feeling of community, it had big city resources, tools and training, with a small town community atmosphere.

Fanshawe gave me the skills I needed to get my foot in the door at my hometown radio station 1240 CJCS in Stratford. I started out as the summer cruiser driver covering local events. I went on to do on-air shifts, news reporting, writing commercials and other tasks, a little bit of everything. The radio program at Fanshawe exposes you to all aspects of radio so I felt prepared to take on all these jobs. I ended up in sales and have been extremely successful over the last 16 years of my career, receiving the Vista Radio rep of the year award for 2015-16 and becoming the highest grossing rep in the history of the company.