Endless opportunities

Photo of Emily Tombler

After working one year as a receptionist and two years as Executive Assistant to Robert Herjavec, cybersecurity expert and one of North America's most recognizable business leaders (Dragon's Den, Shark Tank), Emily Tombler (Business Marketing '10) was recently promoted to Global Operations Manager responsible for overseeing the Herjavec Group's expansion into new offices around the world.

"My time at Fanshawe really prepared me for my career because it really was a hands-on environment. Everyone that I had the pleasure of working with those two years at Fanshawe easily transitioned into a real world, business atmosphere. I learned to be creative and quick-thinking in a fast-paced environment."

"Everything that I need today in the job that I do stems directly from what I learned in those two years at Fanshawe.... Opportunities are endless for people who are currently enrolled."