Photo of Silvie MacLeanProfessor, Health Systems Management program

Silvie believes that students learn best when they are provided with a variety of tools, knowledge and competency-based skills to assist them to unlock their full potential. She hopes to instill in her students a love for continuous learning and community contributions while sharing her own passion for volunteering.

She currently serves as treasurer and secretary on the Board of Directors of two not-for-profits. Thames Valley Family Health Team provides primary care for over 150,000 patients in London/Middlesex, Oxford County and Elgin County. The London District Distress Centre, a community-based agency, provides individuals with short-term empathetic listening and confidential telephone mental health crisis support.

Silvie has continuously learned from all her volunteer experience over the past 25 years and encourages her students to give their time through volunteering. She says, "Finding time to give back is the strongest commitment you can make and volunteering is a gift worth giving!"