A story of success

Photo of Jenny Cuyler

Before coming to Fanshawe, I had little confidence in my ability to learn or succeed.

I first came to Fanshawe in the Business diploma program, and followed that up with the Web Development Essentials certificate program. In the Web program, I got a little taste for succeeding at something I was passionate about, and at the same time, found myself working in Counselling and Accessibility Services, as a work study student.

The management in C&AS were incredibly supportive, which led me to a full-time position, shortly after graduation. Over time, the management in C&AS also saw that I had a love for design, which combined well with my web skills, and suggested that I further my education on a part-time basis. Fast forward seven years, and I am about to graduate with an advanced diploma in Graphic Design with a 4.12 GPA, which I have fortunately been able to put to good use as Retail Promotions Coordinator.

Paired with this academic success, the support of management led to my participation in the inaugural cohort of the Emerging Leaders program at Fanshawe College, and a pride in my career trajectory that I never thought possible.

Long story, short: Fanshawe has been the key to ALL of my career and educational success.