50 years later

Photo of Margaret Hardy

50 years later and a lot of things have changed. In 1967 I was enrolled in one-year Accounting only because I was determined to take that course after being advised by guidance counsellors that this was a career for men. I was one of three women in a class of 13.

That was the first and last year for this course as it was too intense and changed to a two-year course. Only six graduated from this course, the three women and three men.

After graduation I began a high paying job of $65/week in accounting in industry. My career in 32 years of accounting included farming, industry, newspaper, banking, retail and 16 years in long-term care. Most of my 32 years included processing payroll along with accounts receivable and payable. A career change took me back to school in my 50s to become a United Church minister.

50 years later and I am now retired. I am proud to have graduated from Fanshawe and know that the valuable education I received there enhanced my life in so many ways. I am amazed when I drive by at how the campus and programs have grown from those small beginnings. Also pleased to see city buses at the doors and sidewalks from Highbury to the school. Walking was our only option. Here's to 50 more years.