Opening new roads

Photo of Maria Rios

After receiving a Computer Science bachelor degree in my country of origin, Colombia, and with almost 20 years of experience, I decided in my 40s to start an IT program at Fanshawe College that would allow me to update my knowledge and learn new technologies.

Although returning to study as a mature student at the beginning intimidates me a little, this was quickly overcome by all the help and support I found when I started my program with the great quality of their teachers, resources for students and the entire network of people that are behind working to ensure that the experience of each student is successful. The complete experience has surpassed my expectations.

In addition, Fanshawe gave me the opportunity to take a summer study position, which allowed me to increase my knowledge and enrich my work experience. No doubt joining Fanshawe College has been a very wise decision that will allow me to move forward with my future goals and projects.