Photo of Chef Patrick Hersey

A story of sharing

Chef Patrick Hersey is the first year co-odinator of Fanshawe's Culinary and Bake programs.

After graduating from Fanshawe's Cook Apprentice (1992) and Advanced Patisseur (1993) programs, Chef Hersey trained locally in London, holding hotel and institutional cooking positions in a variety of fine dining restaurants. Wanting to share his passion for cooking with others in the culinary field, Chef Hersey started teaching at Fanshawe in 1999.

In July 2016, Patrick traveled to China to the cities of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing to meet with Chinese Educational Agency representatives working with students who were interested in Fanshawe College and studying abroad. Over a three-day period, Patrick provided workshops and culinary demonstrations with the assistance of Fanshawe College's China team of recruiters Lydia Wang and Joey Zou. The students had an opportunity to learn more about Fanshawe's culinary programs, as well as exploring Canadian foods and dining customs. This was the first time a Canadian college sent a chef instructor to China to work directly with these agencies and potential students.