The College has had five presidents since opening in 1967.

Photo of Dr. James A. Colvin1967 to 1979: Dr. James A. Colvin

Dr. Colvin was selected as Fanshawe's first president. A native of Thunder Bay, Dr. Colvin served as a fighter pilot in the Second World War.

He was a firm believer in the role of new community colleges and saw Fanshawe as providing broad-based education and training to all ages and interest groups in the community.

"There are virtually no limits to what it can do," he said in the original student handbook.


Photo of Harry Rawson1979 to 1987: Harry Rawson

Harry Rawson had a long and varied career at Fanshawe. He was the founding principal of the Ontario Vocational Centre (eventually to become Fanshawe College) from 1964 to 1967 and was named Fanshawe's first Dean of Technology in 1967.

Mr. Rawson was appointed Director of Physical Resources in 1969 and became Vice President, Physical Resources in 1976.

With his quiet manner and extensive experience, Rawson was seen as a president who could lead the College into the future. Enrolment and programs continued to expand while he served as president.


Photo of Dr. Barry Moore1987 to 1996: Dr. Barry Moore

Barry Moore became the third president of Fanshawe College. He came into the job with extensive experience, having served as President of two community colleges in British Columbia.

Moore believed in the social role played by community colleges saying, "People should have the capability to have a chance to fulfill their lives through education."

In 1991, Dr. Moore launched Fanshawe's first community fundraising drive under the leadership of Don Smith, co-founder of Ellis-Don.


Photo of Dr. Howard Rundle 1996 to 2013: Dr. Howard Rundle

Dr. Rundle joined the College in 1972 as its Director of Planning and Development and was appointed Fanshawe's fourth President in 1995.

Upon his retirement as the College's longest-serving president, Fanshawe's first building in downtown London, the Centre for Digital and Performance Arts, was named the Howard W. Rundle Building.

Dr. Rundle believes that the education of its citizens is the prime driver a society can employ to lead to the happiness, health and economic well-being of its people. In 2013, Dr. Rundle was appointed President Emeritus of Fanshawe College. He was recognized with the Order of Canada in 2016 for his outstanding contributions at the regional level in the field of education.


Photo of Peter Devlin 2013 to present: Peter J. Devlin

Peter Devlin was appointed Fanshawe's fifth President in September 2013 after a successful career in the Canadian Armed Forces. Under President Devlin's leadership, the College has seen strong program and enrolment growth as well as additional progress through the official openings of the Centre for Digital and Performance Arts (CDPA), the Canadian Centre for Product Validation (CCPV), the Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology, as well as the establishment of the English Language Institute and the School of Public Safety.

Peter sees Fanshawe as central to economic growth through graduates that are creative and have strong technical skills as well as powerful partnerships with business and community organizations.