Taking a chance with the business of dance

Photo of Rob Campbell

After graduating from Fanshawe College in 1972 I spent many years as a ballroom dance instructor at Bel-Air Studio of Dance and at Arthur Murray's Studio of Dancing. These were only part-time positions so steady employment in a full-time position was needed while I was improving my abilities in the field of dancing.

Graduation from the Business Administration program at Fanshawe gave me the foundation that I needed to secure full-time employment to help me pay the bills for my young family. During these years in my development my regular work gradually shifted into the health care field.

All the time this transition was taking place my business background was helping me with life on a daily basis. This included, but was not limited to, operating a duplex, becoming president of a condo corporation, making investment decisions and preparing income tax.

While working at Parkwood Hospital a client with a disability suggested I share my dancing abilities with people with disabilities. Thus wheelchair dancing was born. On October of 2016 a dance partner and I became part of the first group of wheelchair dancers in Canada to compete at the Ontario Open Dancesport Championships.