Living the rock 'n' roll dream

Photo of Roberto Menegoni

I was drawn to Fanshawe and the MIA program in the early 80s because of my love of music and technology.

Growing up I loved music and the process of recording music and live concerts. My music teachers wanted me to pursue a career as a musician but MIA was the program for me. I felt right at home in the studio learning how to engineer. I still had lots of opportunities to play on students' recordings.

When I graduated in '82, I kept working in the music / entertainment industry. I was in a band called "the Waiting", comprised of other MIA grads. I also worked at "Sam The Record Man" and a club called "Kiplings" which had big name acts every week.

In 1993 I received a call from a friend who was also an MIA grad and did sound for my band. He called to say he was starting a tour with a new band and they needed another tech for the tour. The band, Barenaked Ladies. The tour, 70 shows in 3 months from coast to coast. I'm still touring with BNL as the drum technician, playback technician and percussionist.

Over the years when I wasn't on tour with BNL, I worked with Crash Test Dummies, Billy Bragg, Crash Vegas, Jann Arden to name a few. I also did 2 contracts with Royal Carribbean Cruise lines as Head Technician and Lighting Designer.

My career has given me the opportunity to see the world and meet some amazing people and artists.