Photo of Steffen

A story of savoury success

Steffen Marin wanted to open a food truck promoting sustainable fare so badly he could taste it.

His dream began to take shape after enrolling in Fanshawe's Artisanal Culinary Arts program, a unique program focused on a holistic farm-to-table approach to cooking. The one-year graduate program gave Steffen the knowledge, connections and confidence to pursue his passion.

"The faculty are like family to me because they showed me how to succeed," says the 22-year old native of Mississauga. "I wouldn't be in the position I am today without that program."

Steffen is the owner/chef of Heirloom, a Toronto-based food truck offering a bold menu of fresh, locally-sourced food. When he debuted Heirloom at a music and arts festival in June – serving up homemade chorizo sausages and braised lamb shank sandwiches – it took home the title of best new food truck.

"When I talk to customers about my past and how I got here, Fanshawe always comes up first. That's where all this started. It's the best decision I've made yet."

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