Standing out

Photo of Stephanie Smyth

Stephanie is the managing editor and anchor of Live @ 5:30 and breaking news coverage on Toronto's CP24.

She graduated from Fanshawe's Broadcast - Journalism program in 1988.

"A typical day for a managing editor is digesting all of the stories that Toronto is looking at that day or maybe a particular hour, because things are always changing ... and then deciding with our team what we think is worth covering, how we're going to cover it, who we're going to use to cover it, how we're going to tell that story and get it out as quickly as possible."

"I've always had a huge interest in public affairs, what was happening around me, whether it was in Toronto or around the world - how it might impact my world."

"You've got to be able to stand out and I think that was what Fanshawe equipped me with, the ability to take those skills and use them in a really exceptional way."