The Distinguished Alumni Awards program honours individuals who have graduated from a Fanshawe College program and who have used their skills to improve themselves, their career field, their community, and their world.

Distinguished Alumni Awards 2015
Distinguished Alumni Award winners, 2015

They are passionate about their interests and innovative in their actions, earning a high level of respect from their peer group of co-workers, industry associates and clients.

Distinguished Alumni often have an entrepreneurial spirit, acting as change agents, mentors or pioneers within the organizations they work for, or in the ventures that they start themselves. They exhibit a high level of personal and professional integrity within their career field and in their support of community and social issues that are close to their hearts.

Six Distinguished Alumni Awards are available - five of these are specific to program designations with the sixth award for a recent graduate.



Doug Wastell: Business Marketing, 1996

Malcolm Bromley: Recreation Leadership, 1979

Kevin Forestell: Landscape Design, 2003

Dr. Louise Giles: Nursing, 1980

Mike Papoff: Auto Body & Collision Damage Repairer Apprentice, 2012

John Edward McArthur: Environmental Planning, 1971

Larry Kinlin: Honorary Alumni Award recipient


Francine Dyksterhuis: Hotel and Restaurant Management, 1981

Chris Gower: Construction Engineering Technology (Management), 1992

Cheryl Hickey: Broadcast Journalism, 1996

Sandy Jackson: Recreation Leadership, 1985; General Business, 1994

Steffen Marin: Culinary Skills Chef Training, 2011; Culinary Management, 2012

Terry McManus: Retired Coordinator/Faculty, Music Industry Arts Program

Thomas Piraino: Pre Health Sciences, 2001; Respiratory Therapy, 2003


Tony Boyle: Digital Imaging and Animation 2002, Web Page Design 2002

Karen Keyes: Developmental Services Worker 1991

Larry Lau: Marketing Management 2010

Trevor Morris: Music Industry Arts 1999

Paul Noakes: Motor Vehicle Mechanic 1987

Henrietta Van hulle: Registered Nurse, Nursing 1984, Occupational Health Nursing 2005


Kathryn Burrill: Recreation Leadership 1979

Caroline Cameron: Broadcast Journalism (collaborative program) 2012

Mahmud Dhanani: Hotel Management 1982

Emm Gryner: Music Industry Arts 1995

Joe Liberatore: Construction Technician 1972

Michelle Palmer: Developmental Service Worker 1983


Randy Denning: Ambulance and Emergency Care 1979

Nancy Maltby: Nursing 1979

Don Mumford: Broadcasting Television 1979

John Rasenberg: Electrical Engineering Technician 1975

Damien Warner: Business Foundations 2010

Jennifer Wells: Fashion Design 1993


Tim Berthiaume: Law and Security 1995

Theresa Carriere: Physical Fitness Instructor 1986

Vito Frijia: Construction Engineering Technology 1982

John Kobarda: Human Resource Management 1994

Les Stroud: Music Industry Arts 1983

Adrianna St. George: Police Foundations 2008


Danielle Aziz: Child and Youth Worker 1991

Bruce Bonner: Civil Engineering Technology 1987

Ian Campbell: Design (Industrial) 1982

Lucky Heeley: Respiratory Therapy 1992

Randy Zupanski: Hotel and Restaurant Management 1982


Jeff Malpass: Municipal Management 1989

Sheri Knott: Human Resources Management 1991

Debbi Bodkin (Received Premier's Award): Law and Security Administration 1982

David Moore: Design (Landscape) 1994

John Davies: Broadcasting Television 2005

Steve Done: Architectural Technology 1979


Paul D'Hollander: Recreation Leadership 1979

Kevin Doyle (Received Premier's Award): Music Industry Arts 1979

Shireen Fard: Primary Care Paramedic 2008

Anita Giagnocavo: Nursing 1977

John Harbarenko: Business Information Systems 1993

Wilf Riecker: Tool Making Technician 1968


Danielle Campo: Child and Youth Worker 2006

Scott Clark: Broadcast Radio 1988

Colleen Breen: Nursing 1980

Barb Desjardins: Child Care Worker 1974

Mike Foster: Tourism and Travel Counsellor 1980

David Wyatt: Motive Power Diesel Technician 1980


Terry Graff: Fine Art 1976

Joe Jackman: Industrial Design 1984

Michael Bessegato: Law and Security Administration 1985

Jesse Davidson: Hotel Management 2002

Nicholas Perpick: Hotel and Restaurant Management 1972

Midge Silberman: Nursing 1977


Sheila Arges: Child and Youth Worker 1975

Janet Brady: Legal Office Administration 1979

Bill Butler: Respiratory Technology 1972

Melissa Schyff: Paramedic 2002

Todd Sleeper: Industrial Millwright Mechanic 1996

John b. Young: Music Industry Arts 1976


Dick Rastin: Social Service Worker 1997

John White: Music Industry Arts 1981

Brenda Done: Nursing 1978

Geoff Scheerin: Industrial Design 1986

Katie Storz & Abe Giesbrecht: Early Childhood Education 2003


Bob Coyle: Ambulance and Emergency Care 1988

Gloria Dona: Fashion Design 1981

Vicki Mayer: Behavioral Science 1974

Michael P. Clive: Culinary Management 2001


Sophie Skaith: Computer Programmer 1985

Steve Matthews: Broadcasting - Radio 1981

Robin Rundle Drake: Nursing 1974

Joanna Gaisor: Business Administration Accounting 1999

Patricia Smith: Recreation Leadership 1972


Patricia Baker: Architectural Technician 1984 / Architectural Technologist 1986

Don Donner: Recreation Leadership 1973

Joseph Dunlop-Addley: Cinematography 1972

Robert Gee: Ambulance and Emergency Care 1995

Mark Jordan: Business Marketing 1987


Betty Bedard-Bidwell (Received Premier's Award): Recreation Leadership 1972 / Child Care Worker 1982

Linda Bowden: Business Administration - Accounting 1982

Kenneth Boyle: Ambulance and Emergency Care 1977 / Respiratory Therapy 1983

Kate Young: Broadcast Journalism 1975


Anne Marie DeCicco-Best: Broadcast Journalism 1986

Ron Hunt: Mechanical Technician - Drafting 1968

Gail Malcolm: Social Service Worker 1988


Paul Gowan: Business - Marketing 1981

Alice Lewis: Social Service Worker 1988

Bill Mills: Recreation Leadership 1973


Paul Huras: Recreation Leadership 1973

Dave Klachan: Electrical 1979 / Control Engineering Technology -Systems 1991


Award not presented


Colleen Farrell Evetts: Hotel and Restaurant Management 1982

Lois Harrack: Behavioral Science 1970 / Recreation Leadership 1972


Award not presented


Brenda Hall: Child Care Worker 1969 / Personnel Management 1983 / Business 1984

Michael McCarty: Music Industry Arts 1978

Maria Mendes: Legal Secretary 1973


Rudi Engle: Radio and Television Arts 1973

Ross Fair: Recreation Leadership 1975

Brad Nelson: Civil Engineering Technology 1976