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April 2020

Library Services' New Robust Digital Collection Meets the Needs of Your Students

Library Services digital collection

When you think of a Library, you likely have youthful visions of cavernous buildings, filled to the brim with books. Card catalogues and cardigan-attired Librarians would point the way to resources for assignments, as you wandered musty stacks looking for just the right book.

Though many of us still love our cardigans, the Fanshawe College Library is about to undergo a fairly significant transformation from a traditional library to an expansive learning commons – a service not reliant on physical walls to serve its patrons best. Open, bright spaces will invite student and faculty collaboration, creativity, and innovation. We are more than just books.

Library Services, within Innovation Village, features a new one-stop academic resource space where Library and Learning Services come together, a variety of student study spaces, a beautifully designed Indigenous Spirit Assembly, a makerspace filled with technologies for all, self-serve media rooms, and a newly enhanced digital collection.

The construction of Innovation Village may be on hold, but the Library is actively working right now to bring its collection and services into the homes of the College community. Innovation Village has been the inspiration for an expanded digital collection that will allow you to find more resources for you and your students online. Our new focus on online resources serves us well in our currently reality, as students are now able to readily access resources whenever and wherever they choose and read and watch them in whichever accessible way is best for them.

Innovation Village does not need to be open for students to step into a world of information. We have access to databases and online video streaming platforms that offer a variety of information to support students in all programs. Do you have an idea for a new resources that could benefit your students? Just email, and we will work with you to ensure that our resources complement your curriculum.

Library Staff are also available virtually right now for instruction, workshops, and general information. You can email, and someone will connect you with the best information expert for your class.

Once we reopen, the Library will continue to provide access to creative technologies, including 3D printing and laser cutting – services offered to ALL students and not just those in related fields. Have an idea? Come to the Library, soon to be located in the heart of Innovation Village.