Each year Fanshawe College students complete projects and research requested by businesses, non-profit and public sector organizations in our communities.  Examples of recurring student projects may include:

Lawrence Kinlin School of Business:

Photo of Lawrence Kinlin School of Business students

  • Market research;
  • Google analytics;
  • Website design;
  • Marketing communications;
  • Integrated marketing plans.

School of Applied Science and Technology:

Photo of Applied Science and Technology students

  • Design, develop and test or improve products and services;
  • Prototype and test new technology

School of Design:

Photo of School of Design students

  • Landscape design plan;
  • Fashion or costume prototypes;
  • Clothing design and testing;
  • Art fashion shows for charity;
  • Map making.

School of Digital and Performing Arts:

Photo of School of Digital and Performing Arts students

  • Website design and development;
  • Mobile application design and development;
  • Voiceover projects;
  • Charity events, that require live entertainment, production setup and event support;
  • Trade show set-ups.

School of Language and Liberal Studies:

Photo of School of Language and Liberal Studies students

  • Systematic assessment of initiative results;
  • Program or project mapping and evaluation;
  • Assess the value of program activities.

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