We talk to parents every day about the excitement and stress of applying to College. Here's what Ontario high school students will be experiencing and how you can help.

Colleges begin to visit Ontario high schools.

Tip: Call 519-452-4272 to find out when Fanshawe is in your child's school.

Applying to college takes research. We provide parents with the extensive information needed about Fanshawe.

Attend the College Information Program here at Fanshawe. Explore our facilities and speak one-on-one with professors and admission staff.

Tip: Double-check that your child is taking the required courses.

November to January
Applications begin. Encourage your child to apply early - we'll start communicating in greater detail once they do!

Tip: A great time to visit college campuses. Book your tour now! A campus visit is one of the top influences on a student's decision.

The equal consideration deadline to apply is February 1.

Tip: You can apply to three college programs for one fee.

March - April
Attend our Spring Open House at Fanshawe to learn about your program and talk directly with students in that program.

Tip: Check the schedule for updates and confirm!


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