1. Where can I learn about Residence?

Visit the Residence website for everything you need to know about Residence including how and when to apply.

2. Where can I learn about other housing options?

Visit the Off-Campus Housing website for information and listings.

3. What is security like on campus?

Visit the Security Services website for information and a link to our "Stay Safe" app.

4. What sort of money is available?

There are literally millions of dollars available to students through a variety of scholarships, awards and bursaries. Visit our Financial Aid and Student Awards website to see what might be available for you.

5. My child would like to work on campus. Where can they get a job?

There are hundreds of job opportunities right in the heart of Fanshawe College. Visit our Career Services department for complete job listings, or just pop by any of our service areas to inquire.

6. What are the job opportunities in this field when my child graduates?

Employment statistics are available for each program on our Key Performance Indicators webpage. We even offer job listings and career resources through our Career Services department.

7. What is the underage policy?

All full-time Fanshawe students under 19 years of age are allowed in the Out Back Shack for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will be registered as underage and are not allowed to consume any alcohol. Penalties can include up to a one-year suspension of campus privileges.

8. How does the meal plan work?

Visit the meal plan web page for full details.

9. Are there vegetarian options in the dining facilities?

There are a variety of vegetarian options at a number of food service areas on campus.

10. Are there health care services available on campus?

Yes, for information visit our Health Services page.


11. Is there a drug/dental plan?

All registered full-time, post-secondary students are automatically enrolled in the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) Health Plan. For more information visit our Health Services page and the FSU's Health Plan page. The FSU page has info on how to opt-out of the health plan for students who are already covered by another plan.

12. My child has a disability. Who do we speak to about making arrangements?

Accessibility Services offers a variety of services for students with disabilities. Please identify any disabilities as early as possible to aid us in assessing what services are needed.

13. Admissions: how does my child get into competitive programs?

Visit our Competitive Programs

14. Can we apply to Fanshawe after the February 1st deadline?

Visit our list of Open Programs for information on programs that are still available.

15. What is the Freedom of Information policy at Fanshawe?

College staff cannot disclose personal information to third parties, including parents, without the written approval of the student. For more information, please contact the Records area of the Registrar's Office at 519-452-4277.

16. Where can I find out about bus passes?

Visit the Fanshawe Student Union Bus Pass page. For more information, see the London Transit website.

17. What parking options are available?

Visit the Parking web page for full information including eligibility, rates, application, and rules and regulations.

18. Are there lockers available?

There are lockers available for rent, visit the Lockers web page for information, costs and application.

19. My child would like to play a sport. Who do we contact?

Visit the Athletics website at Fanshawe for information on varsity sports and campus recreation.