[Map to Fanshawe College]


Cab Fares:
The Greyhound Bus Station is located on York Street, only a short distance from Fanshawe College (Phone: 519-434-3250).


The cab fare between the two locations is approximately $12.00 to $15.00 (depending upon traffic congestion).

Bus Transfers:
90 minute transfers are available providing travel in any direction, including return trips, subject to the following:

  • Transfers must be requested and obtained at time of first boarding.
  • Transfers will, upon request only, be issued by the Operator receiving a cash or ticket fare only.
  • Transfers will not be issued to passengers boarding with a prepaid pass or with a previously issued transfer.
  • Transfers are valid on the day of issue only and will not be accepted beyond the time cut on the transfer.
  • Transfers can be used to board any London Transit bus, in service at any London Transit regular bus stop.
  • Transfers are provided for individual use only and are not to be assigned. The passing of a transfer to others, for payment or otherwise, it is a chargeable offence and is strictly prohibited.
  • If the use of the transfer is questioned, customers are to pay the fare, retain the transfer, and follow the instructions printed on the reverse side of the transfer.