Photo of Lauren MonteithLauren Monteith is an established financial professional and leader, who has contributed to the advancement of Fanshawe College’s mission, vision, and values for more than a decade. Lauren’s work and study background centres on the values of excellence, caring for clients, and rigorous and responsible financial management. As a graduate from Fanshawe's prestigious Concierge Services, Guest Relations Program, she honed the skill of remembering every detail, and striving to make every experience positive for those around her. She took this training into the hotel industry, where she worked with and served people from all over the world at the Arden Park Hotel and the Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre, among others.

Lauren's leadership accomplishments and potential have been recognized by Fanshawe College, where she has been supported in the Emerging Leaders program. This program selects a small group of employees each year and invests in the development of their leadership competencies. Between workshops, discussions, self-reflection, and a challenging capstone project and presentation, this program develops the skills of critical and strategic thinking, collaboration, and business acumen.

Business acumen is one of Lauren's strengths. Trusted by the College to manage the accounts for Saffron's Restaurant and Olive Oyle's Deli, her meticulous attention to detail ensures that both internal and external events are financially sound. Fiscal responsibility is a cornerstone of Lauren's personal and professional values; she is also a graduate of the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, in Accounting.

Lauren is familiar with both sides of the classroom environment at Fanshawe. She worked for five years as Professor in the School of Tourism and Hospitality, and Continuing Education, where she shared her knowledge of cost control, front desk practical, and organizational learning and development. Having been a student, professor and member of the support staff, Lauren brings a mature, balanced and sophisticated perspective to the Board of Governors.

Lauren joined the Fanshawe College Board of Governors on September 1, 2017.