Photo of Thomas Hutchison-HounsellTom is a new student at Fanshawe, bringing a fresh perspective alongside an ambitious and eager attitude to the College. Striving to improve the student experience at every level, he serves as a class representative to the Donald J. Smith School of Building Technology. He is currently completing his Architectural Technology advanced diploma in the School of Building Technology.

Tom believes in improved communication with students and the continued expansion and improvement of the tools and services available to all students. He is keen on exploring opportunities for change, not only through his position on the Board of Governors, but also through active communication throughout Fanshawe.

In his free time Tom enjoys a wide variety of hobbies. His true passion however, is for new experiences, further expanding his ever-growing list of interests. These have recently included music theory, game design, woodworking, ink painting, home-brewing, tabletop gaming and photography.