COVID-19 FAQ for Co-op Students

Updated: June 11, 2020.

Frequently asked questions for students about Co-op work terms

General Questions

Q.   I am not in my graduating semester. Can I return to school and do my co-op at a later date?
A.   Yes. Students who are not graduating may continue with their academic pattern then complete one co-op at the end of the program.

Q.   I am an international student. If I cannot find a co-op job, will my work/study permit be affected?
A.    Please contact the International Office for this information.

Q.   Can I do my classes online and a work term at the same time?
A.    No. Students are either full time in an academic term or full time in a work term. You may be able to work part time but must check with the International Office to determine the terms of your own individual work permit. International Office

Q.   Am I eligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit?
A.    Details about the benefit is available here.

Q:   My program will be on line next term.  Will I still have to do Co-op 1020 or 1021?
A:    Yes. All Co-op 1020 and 1021 courses will be delivered on line.

Q.   What happens if I can’t find a fall co-op job?
A.    Fanshawe has approved alternate methods of work-integrated learning such as a special project that would count toward your summer co-op. Students would be registered as being on a co-op work term. A formalized project has been created. Please contact your co-op consultant for details. Additionally, the consultants continue to seek out work terms for students. Keep checking the Jobsite and communicating with your consultant

Q:  I am a degree student with a mandatory work term. What happens if I cannot find a work term for fall 2020?

A: Please contact your co-op consultant for further information.




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