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Health and Safety Protocols

The following COVID-19 protocols remain in place at all campuses and locations:

  • Overnight cleaning and disinfection;
  • Ventilation will operate at 100 per cent fresh air;
  • Physical barriers in academic labs, at customer service points and between sinks in washrooms;
  • Passive screening signage on doors;
  • Rapid tests available for both employees and students;
  • Masks available for distribution - students can request masks at the student services hubs at any campus.

Visiting Campus

Students and employees are encouraged to mask indoors and stay up to date on recommended doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Please stay home if you feel unwell or develop any symptoms of COVID-19. If you test positive for COVID-19, please follow the current public health guidelines. You can complete the Ontario self-assessment to learn more about the public health recommendations for self-isolation. Students who are unable to attend their classes should contact their professors. Staff who cannot attend work should contact their manager.

Fanshawe will continue to follow the advice and recommendations from our regional public health authorities. This may include the reintroduction of additional COVID-19 protocols during the academic year as they become necessary.