Does Fanshawe College accept cold calls from suppliers?

In order to make the best use of our resources, we do not accept cold call visits from suppliers.  We request that you make an appointment with the appropriate person, so that we can devote our full attention to you during your visit. Contact information for Purchasing staff can be found at

Where can I find open procurement events for Fanshawe College?

A current list of all open procurements can be found at the College Bonfire portal:

Announcements for open procurement events with a total value of over $100,000 are posted on the MERX website:

What happens to my information after I register?

Registrants are added to the College list which is maintained for two years. The list is reviewed when competitive events are being prepared for posting. Suppliers who may be able to meet the needs may receive a courtesy email when the event is posted.

Can I add a link to my corporate website or catalogues?

There is a field in the fill-in form where you can enter your company website. Further links to catalogues or other related information can be entered in to the Brief Description field.