Board Process Committee


1. To complete functions assigned to the Board Process Committee as outlined in Policy B-07.05.

2. To conduct the regular five-year review of:

  1. Policy B-45 (Honorary Diplomas and Degrees)
  2. Policy B-46 (Emeritus Policy)
  3. Policy B-55 (Accepting Gifts of Real Property)
  4. Policy C-10 (President's Accountability and Responsibilities)
  5. Policy C-30 (Selecting a New President)
  6. Policy D-01 (General Executive Constraint)
  7. Policy D-30 (Communication and Support to the Board)

3. To oversee progress of By-Law review by Colleges Ontario's legal counsel to ensure By-Law aligns with new Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.

4. To support Generative Discussions topics as determined by the Board.

5. To support Educationals/Tours as recommended by the President.

6. To support Linkage activities for the Board.

7. To consider Board Targets for 2016-17.


John Leitch (Chair), Lori Higgs (First Vice-Chair), and Bruce Babcock (Second Vice-Chair).

Audit Committee


1. To complete the functions assigned to the Audit Committee as outlined in Policy B-07.10.

2. To conduct a regular five-review of Policy D-16 (Insurance Policy).

3. To offer Financial Leadership tutorials for Governors.


Hugh Mitchell (Chair), Brad Duncan, John Leitch (ex-officio), Susan Rabkin, Wil Sorrell, and Peter Devlin (ex-officio).

Capital Projects Monitoring Task Force


To monitor progress with the College's major capital projects including progress to scheduled construction plans and budget.


Bob Siskind (Chair), Paul Cocker, Michelle Quintyn

External Governor Appointment Task Force


To recommend to the Board candidates for the appointment/reappointment of Board Appointees and LGIC Appointees as outlined in Policy B-13.


Lori Higgs (Chair), Zach Benayon, Bob Siskind, Wil Sorrell, and Peter Devlin (President).

Monitoring Board Performance Task Force


1. To assist the Board in a regular five-year review of Policy B-25.15 (Monitoring Board Performance). 

2. To create a Board action plan in response to recommendations made to the Board for improved Governance.

3. To monitor the College's progress on responding to recommendations made to the College for improved processes / policies.


Susan Rabkin (Chair), Paul Cocker, Brad Duncan, Stephen McClatchie, Paul Meahan.

Strategic Alignment Task Force


To assist the Board with the alignment of the College's next Strategic plan with the Board's Vision, Mission and Ends Policies.


Patricia Hoffer (Chair), Zach Benayon, Kapil Lakhotia, Paul Meahan, Michelle Quintyn, Susan Rabkin, Dave Schwartz.