Plans and resources are in place to deal with routine and emergency situations on campus. We work with our community partners to develop plans to respond to significant situations including fire, medical emergencies, hazardous material spills, violent crime, severe weather and other potentially life threatening situations. Campus responses are coordinated with those from municipal agencies to maximize effectiveness and minimize disruption. For more information on what to do in emergencies, refer to the emergency guidelines for your campus found on the Environment, Health and Safety portal page.

SERT (Student Emergency Response Team)

The Student Emergency Response Team, or SERT, is a team of student volunteers who respond to medical and first aid emergencies on campus. These students undergo extensive training and are certified at the First Responder level to deal with these emergencies. Their role is to treat minor first aid patients or to stabilize serious medical casualties until paramedics arrive. These voluntary positions provide our students with an experience like no other.

Interested students can find more information on the Environment, Health and Safety portal page.