Facilities Operations and Sustainability are your Fix It, Clean It, Park It and Green It Team!

Maintenance Services and Utilities - Your Fix It Team!

Maintenance Services and Utilities are responsible for making sure everyone who attends, works at, or visits the College is comfortable and safe. We oversee:

  • Maintenance and improvement for all College facilities
  • Building systems such as HVAC and automation
  • Building hardware, such as doors and locks
  • Building envelope (roof and exterior walls) and interior finishes (walls, ceilings, floors). This includes painting, brickwork, plumbing, window coverings, office space set-up, and signage across all campus locations

Custodial, Grounds, and Support Services - Your Clean It and Park It Team!

Custodial, Grounds and Support Services keeps the College clean, the parking lots safe, and information flowing over all of Fanshawe's campuses. We oversee:

  • Waste removal and recycling services
  • Custodial contracts and housekeeping services to ensure the College's standards are met.
  • Landscape maintenance and snow removal contracts
  • Event set up
  • Campus mail delivery and portering services
  • Parking fees, regulations and services at each of the Fanshawe Campuses. For more information on parking, please visit our Parking page.

Fanshawe Sustainability - Your Green It Team!

Fanshawe Sustainability is all about helping the College become a better place, now and in the future, through sustainability practice. We focus on all pillars of sustainability: environment, social, and economic. For information on sustainability practices at the College, and how you can lead a more sustainable life, please visit our Fanshawe Sustainability page.