You’ve made your choice and now you’re pursuing your dream to succeed.  You chose Fanshawe College… and we chose you because we believe in your success.  The choices you make while you’re here determine your success.  The College has expectations about the conduct of each of our students.  How you handle your responsibilities during your time with us is your choice.  Let's work together to ensure your success, and in future years you can look back and be proud of the choices you made.

You’re creating your story here at Fanshawe College.  While you’re at it, you should set some high standards for yourself… standards that include respect and good behaviour.

You have expectations, the College has expectations. Everyone on campus is entitled to a safe and respectful College experience.  You can help us to create the kind of place where all students can work, study, socialize in an environment that supports their success.

You should know about two very important policies at Fanshawe College:

  • The Student Code of Conduct (Policy A130) is a College policy that defines the standard of conduct expected of all students while enrolled at the College. Every student, upon admission, contractually agrees to be governed by Fanshawe's rules and regulations, including the Student Code of Conduct. Be aware of what it says, understand the implications, and know your rights and responsibilities.
  • The Student Appeals Policy (A128) provides an effective and timely process to deal with student concerns about a Code of Conduct decision.  The policy helps determine if the decision was fair, reasonable, and timely.

These documents are all about the standards you can set for yourself and others while you’re here.  They're all about mutual respect and making sure everyone is treated with consideration and dignity. So ask yourself, “What choice will I make?”  Let’s work together to make the answer one you can be proud of.

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