Resumé tips

  • Include employment dates (both month and year);
  • Specify all credentials including those in process or incomplete;
  • Refer to the job posting to ensure that your resumé highlights all relevant skills and qualifications. You do not need to start from scratch when doing this, just simply re-arrange the content to emphasize why you are the best candidate for the position;
  • While it is important to emphasize relevant skills within the resumé itself, it is very helpful to have work experiences clearly identified in chronological order, including dates, employer, and position title.

Do your homework

  • Search websites;
  • Familiarize yourself with the school or department mandates;
  • Contact a department member to discuss the position and gather information.

Prepare for the interview

  • Review the job posting carefully. Interview questions are often based on the list of qualifications and the job description.
  • Think of potential questions as well your responses. Continue to compile these interview questions and responses over time and add new ones that were asked in an interview, specifically those that you hadn't prepared for.
  • Think about why you are the best person for the job. Review the job posting and the job description and identify how your qualifications and experiences relate to those identified in these documents.
  • Prepare questions for the interview panel that demonstrate your preparedness for the interview and understanding of the role.

During the interview

  • Expect a panel of interviewers who conduct the job interview and be prepared that they will most likely be taking notes throughout the interview. These notes are used as a reminder for panel members when making their recommendations to the hiring manager.
  • Keep your responses concise, structured, and based on the questions.
  • Be prepared to answer behavioural-based questions where you are asked how you would handle certain situations, as well as questions that look for specific examples from your past. When answering these types of questions please describe your experience in terms of:
    • Situation encountered;
    • Action you took;
    • Result(s) you achieved.


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