A variety of programs and courses offered to suit you

Whether you’re looking to develop a professional skill or explore a new passion, we have part-time continuing education programs, courses and workshops offered in-class, online and in a blended format.

Continuing Education Programs

Below is a list of certificate programs currently offered, including the individual courses currently available for registration. Complete the entire certificate of courses or just the one(s) you want!

Professional Office Essentials | Online

This program is offered online with live, virtual instruction by multiple campuses so that you can complete your certificate sooner. Register now in available courses:

Windows File Management | Starts Jul 14

Food Service Worker | Aylmer

Register now in available courses:

Role of the Food Service Worker | Starts Sep 5

Customer Service & Communication Skills | Starts Sep 17

Special Diets | Starts Oct 17

Foodsafe | Starts Oct 22

Nutrition throughout the Lifecycle | Starts Nov 14

Food Preparation & Service | Starts Nov 19

Logistics and Supply Chain Essentials | St. Thomas

Register now in available courses:

Transportation and Logistics | Starts Sep 17

Inventory and Distribution Management | Starts Oct 4

Domestic and International Sourcing | Starts Oct 2

Health Care Office Assistant | St. Thomas

Register now in available courses:

Microsoft Office Essentials | Starts Sep 19

Medical Terminology & Anatomy | Starts Sep 28

Computerized Billing | Starts Oct 12

Processing of Physicians' Orders | Starts Oct 19

Professional Communication | Starts Oct 26

Patient Preparation in Health Care | Starts Nov 3

Organizational Skills | Starts Nov 14

Medical Transcription | Starts Nov 23

Electronic Patient Records | Starts Dec 

Bookkeeping Essentials | St. Thomas

Register now in available courses:

Principles of Accounting | Starts Oct 1

Taxation | Starts Oct 1

Human Resources Essentials | St. Thomas

Register now in available courses:

Human Resources Management | Starts Oct 1

Recruitment and Selection | Starts Oct 1

Operations Management Essentials | St. Thomas

Register now in available courses:

Principle of Operations Management | Starts Oct 25

Operations Management Processes | Starts Nov 1

Continuing Education Courses

Below is a full list of individual courses offered – some within certificate programs listed above, and some as stand alone professional development or general interest courses.

Note: Continuing Education course prices do not include HST.