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July 18, 2013

First Nations Skills Summer Camp was successfully held at Fanshawe College.

This past week Skills Canada which was held here on Campus, and with the help of a large number of experts in their particular area of expertise, the event was a huge success! The kids, (age group ranging from grades 7, 8 and some heading into grade 9) had a great time. There was an initial turnout of 19 kids to start the Camp and by mid-week there were still 17 remaining, all of which were well behaved and intent on learning the activities that were held. The events ranged from some carpentry skills to culinary to a wide variety of other events that kept everyone involved extremely busy to say the least.

Skill Work CampSkill Work Camp

The people involved in the Camp were very much excited to see that things ran smooth, without any real ‘hitches' or ‘snags' throughout the week.

Skill Work CampSkill Work Camp

The FNC was not the primary group who created “Skills Work” Summer Camp but without a doubt were a major component, especially as the students who partook in this particular camp were all First Nations kids. There was even a short news clip done by CTV about the camp which can be seen on the link provided. The kids that stayed and attended every day of the week had nothing but good things to say about their experience at Camp and some have even expressed their wish to attend again in the future.

Skill Work CampSkill Work Camp

In short, we think that the Skills Canada Camp is a great opportunity for the younger kids to partake in something that will become a large part of their future and will motivate them to excel in their high school years. There were many friendships made throughout the week and many of the kids thanked a number of us for the experience and the chance to create “good memories”. This is one aspect of the Camp which can be so fulfilling, knowing that they leave having met kids from all over the map, as well as the fact that they truly enjoyed themselves. That's the general idea of the Camp along with the other reasons mentioned above.

Again, the Camp was a huge success and there's already been talk of how to improve next year's Camp by implementing certain aspects that may have been overlooked this year. Without the help of so many dedicated and good people, this Camp would not have gone as well as it did; giving children in that age range a chance to partake in group activities such as those held at the “Skills Work” Summer Camp can only help the futures of all those who attended.