July 5, 2017

(London, Ontario) – The Ontario Colleges Athletics Association (OCAA) has announced the list of student-athletes that have been named 2016-17 OCAA All-Academics. The award is given to any full-time varsity athlete who finishes the year with a GPA of 3.9 or higher. Fanshawe student-athletes achieving Honours in the classroom this year are: 


Isabelle Allan - Curling

Jacob Atkinson - Men's Soccer

Andrew Calic - Men's Baseball

Robert Crabbe - Men's Baseball

Jack Daley - Men's Volleyball

Ryan Foott - Cross Country

Libby Furtado - Women's Volleyball

David Gundrum - Men's Volleyball

Haly Hawkins - Women's Basketball

Travis Helps - Men's Baseball

Morgan Hendriks - Cross Country

Tarea Heshka - Badminton

Maggie Jarvis - Women's Basketball

Jordan Kadlecik - Cross Country

Lydia Kalbfleisch - Women's Softball

Samantha Lees - Curling

Seth Marcaccio - Cross Country

Hunter Medd - Women's Volleyball

Meghan Morelli - Women's Volleyball

Helen Ngu - Badminton

Trina Ngu - Badminton

Caitlin Ottaway - Women's Softball

Allan Pao - Badminton

Hana Plantt - Curling

Kaitlyn Poirier - Curling

Janelle Shapton - Curling

Daniella Strano - Women's Soccer


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