February 4, 2014

Changes to policies 1-E-08, 1-I-15 and 2-D-01.

The following policies have been amended on the approval of the President, on the recommendation of Senior Leadership Council (SLC).

1-A-01 Appendix to Policy 1-A-01: Titles of Organizational Units

Amended (January 8, 2014, SLC-13-04)

A new unit was added under the Faculty of Regional and Continuing Education called "School of Graduate and Professional Studies".

1-E-08 Purchasing Cards (**formerly called Purchasing Card Policy)

Amended (January 8, 2014, SLC-13-04)

This policy was due for its five year review. While the language and order of material is significantly changed, there was only one substantive change approved. Section 3.2.3 now includes a clause tasking the Plan Administrator (Manager, Purchasing and Accounts Payable) with development and maintenance of procedures required to implement the policy, without reference to SLC.

2-D-01 College Chaplain Services

Amended (January 8, 2014, SLC-13-04)

Chaplain appointments will now be approved by the Senior Manager, Counselling and Accessibility Services, no longer the President. The requirement for an annual criminal reference check and vulnerable screen check has been changed to every three years.

The following policy has been amended on the approval of the President.

1-I-15 Residence Policy

Amended (January 26, 2014, by the President, on the recommendation of the Policy Sponsor, Vice President, Finance and Corporate Services)

This policy has been amended to ensure consistency with this policy and the actual Residence Agreement we have each student and parent sign. The refund process related to withdrawals has been challenged due to an interpretation of ‘room', so an amendment to this policy was necessary to bring consistency with the Residence Agreement.

The College Policy Manual is available on the Fanshawe website and Employee Portal. If you have trouble opening any of the files please contact Jackie Gray at 519-452-4430 ext. 4406.