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May 13, 2014

Fanshawe students announce large contribution toward $100 million goal. 

Students, staff and supporters of Fanshawe College attended an event today to officially kick-off Fanshawe College's historic fundraising campaign. Campaign Chair Larry Kinlin announced a fundraising goal of $100 million to support enhancements to the College's campuses, new student scholarships and bursaries and enhanced research and innovation activities. The campaign's theme, “Remarkable,” references the growth of the College, the quality and breadth of its programs, and the impact of its graduates.

“The campaign is designed to fuel Fanshawe's growth and development in the years to come,” says Kinlin. “But ultimately it's about students—supporting, encouraging and developing them to become citizens of the world.” He exhorted community members to “join us on the road to Remarkable!”

The “quiet phase” of the campaign has been underway for several years. Kinlin himself made a one million dollar contribution to Fanshawe, which is commemorated in the naming of the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business. Several major gifts have been received to support the creation of the Centre for Digital and Performance Arts, the downtown campus that opened in January.

During the event, Matt Stewart, President of Fanshawe Student Union, announced the students will be contributing $24 million toward the fundraising goal. This significant student donation will fund the building of a new Fitness/Wellness Centre at Fanshawe College in London.

“In making this pledge, we're saying thank you for the high quality education we are receiving and for the excellent facilities we have been provided,” Stewart said. “And we're paying it forward to future students.”

Fanshawe President Peter Devlin thanked the campaign team and volunteers, saying, “This is a critical moment in the history of Fanshawe College. Our world is changing rapidly and dramatically. Knowledge and skills are the new currency, and Fanshawe College must help develop that currency.”

Catherine Finlayson, Executive Director of the Fanshawe College Foundation, paid tribute to the leadership of Kinlin and other senior volunteers and staff and thanked existing donors for their gifts. “This is only the beginning,” she said, “but wow, what a beginning!”

Remarkable Campaign launch
The Fanshawe Student Union will contribute $24 million to Fanshawe's Remarkable Campaign.
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