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May 11, 2017

Fanshawe students and staff in the Schools of Contemporary Media and Design have raised over $7,000 for the National Poppy Trust Fund.


On Saturday, April 1, the local Vimy Branch 145 of the Royal Canadian Legion hosted a fundraising gala at the London Convention Centre commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge. More than 50 students and 15 faculty and staff from seven different programs worked on elements of the gala right up until event night itself.


Contributions included:
• An installation of three bell tents painted with murals commemorating various aspects of the battle
• Linocut prints based on postcards from WWI
• 100 Vimy Monument and poppy centrepieces
• 300 sandbags
• 10 framed prints with bios of medal recipients from Vimy Ridge
• An on-site photo booth allowing attendees to take home a memory of having attended the gala
• A two-minute commemorative video employing state-of-the-art camera mapping techniques
• Media relations work on behalf of the Legion and gala planning committee
• Video coverage of pre-production activities leading up to the gala, and of the gala itself


"The creative works produced were of exceptional quality, and the event itself was an outstanding success resulting in a great deal of positive feedback," said Rob Carver, chair of the School of Contemporary Media. "The past year was equally rewarding, with many of our staff and students having shared with us the impact of learning about this significant event in Canada's history."


Photo of student at desk editing video
Student Ashwin Crasta in an M-Building edit suite, putting the final touches on a Vimy Ridge commemorative video, shown by the Royal Canadian Legion (Vimy Branch 145) at the London Convention Centre on April 1, 2017.


With the exception of the video presentation and coverage, all work was sold to raise money for the poppy fund. As of Thursday, May 4, the final accounting showed that Fanshawe's contributions had accounted for more than $7,000 of the total $12,665.80 raised at the gala:

• Sales of monument and poppy centrepieces raised $3,123.50
• The photo booth raised $1,380.30
• Sandbags were counted together with other miscellaneous items, contributing to a total of $1,145
• Artwork and framed photographs of medal recipients were counted together with other items in the silent auction, which raised a total of $7,017.


Fanshawe artwork was a key element in the $7,017.00 earned at the silent auction," commented Bob Waring, 1st vice president and events chair for the Vimy Legion Branch 145. "I believe it is fair to say that Fanshawe's efforts were instrumental in raising in excess of $7000 for our veterans."


"It was altogether an exceptional effort by all our passionate, professional and gifted staff and students," said Dana Morningstar, chair of the School of Design. "Congratulations and thanks again to all involved!"


Wide photo of studio space with artwork on display
Installation artwork in the Fine Arts studio at Fanshawe's London Campus, getting ready for a fundraiser and exhibit commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle at Vimy Ridge. In the foreground, WWI-style bell tents painted with murals interpreting the battle; in the background, prints based on WWI postcards and Vimy Ridge medal recipients.