September 29, 2015

With a focus on the needs of prospective students, Fanshawe College has launched a new website that features responsive design, dramatic imagery and social media integration.

“We are delighted with the look, content, structure and technology of the new Fanshawe site,” says Tony Frost, executive director of Fanshawe's Reputation and Brand Management. “The site was completely designed around what our visitors were looking for: program information.”

“Thousands of students, staff and alumni helped us zero in on what content mattered the most, how it should look and where to find it. As a result, we've pushed program content to the front of the site along with relevant information like descriptions, admission requirements, fees, career options, start dates and even related programs.”

To support the creation of a site that reflects Fanshawe's aspiration to be a national leader in higher education, the College spent a significant amount of time evaluating college sites from around the world.

“Looking at world-class sites was both inspiring and instructive,” says Frost. “It accelerated our thinking and approach. We used what we found and poured over heat maps, click reviews and focus group discussions of our old site to discover and implement some powerful findings.”

Fanshawe's new site has been designed to function on a wide array of devices available to users, including the pervasive smart phone. The new site can be viewed at

“Using responsive design throughout, and built on advances in technology, visitors to the Fanshawe site can access the content they're seeking from any device they choose,” says Frost.

In the coming weeks and months, the new Fanshawe website will continue to evolve, adding more features and capabilities.

“The pace of technology change and of its adoption is accelerating,” says Frost. “As our primary means of interacting with students, Fanshawe's web site needs to remain like Fanshawe College itself – current, relevant and useful to students.”

Fanshawe is one of Ontario's largest Colleges, educating 20,000 full-time and 22,000 part-time students annually in more than 200 diploma, degree, certificate and apprenticeship programs.

For further information please contact Reputation and Brand Management.