Paramedic students image
April 6, 2015

Two teams to compete in Interdev National Paramedic competition.

Two teams of Fanshawe College students will put all their training and education to the test when they compete at the 2015 Interdev National Paramedic competition at Durham College on Saturday, April 11. The competition challenges paramedic students to strive for excellence in their profession and the care they provide to their patients.


During the event, the students will compete head-to-head with other schools on a national level, responding to simulated emergencies. The winners will be crowned best in Canada.

Fanshawe College's highly competitive Paramedic program trains graduates to be skilled emergency professionals who perform life-saving techniques, administer drugs and transfer critically ill patients safely and quickly.

Led by program co-ordinator Dugg Steary, the team has been practicing for three months outside regular class time in preparation for the competition. Their last practice will be held on Tuesday, April 7 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The media is invited to attend.

"I'm very proud of the efforts my students have put into preparing for this competition," says Steary. "They have practiced really hard and are looking forward to competing on the national stage."

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