October 22, 2014

Fanshawe College to host Trauma and Treatment weekend.

 On Friday, October 24 and Saturday, October 25, 2014, Fanshawe College's Schools of Public Safety, Health Sciences and Nursing, and the Emergency Management Office will host the tenth annual Trauma and Treatment weekend. This event will take place at the London campus from approximately 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.  

Trauma and Treatment is an inter-professional event involving over 300 students from the Paramedic, Advanced Care Paramedic, Nursing, Emergency Telecommunications, Theatre Arts, Advanced Filmmaking, Office Administration, Emergency Management, Police Foundations and Advanced Police Studies programs and more than 50 police, fire and paramedic volunteers.   

The simulation of over 20 different emergency scenarios, presented in a variety of locations at the London Campus, will provide a unique experiential learning opportunity. Participants will develop an understanding and appreciation of each other's skills, roles and responsibilities; discuss patient care and best practices; empathize with each other and foster a sense of collaboration to help transform our emergency services.

“As one of the only colleges to provide experiential learning on this scale, our students will feel a heightened sense of realism as they participate in this event,” said Dugg Steary, coordinator of the College's Paramedic program. “These exercises will simulate actual emergency calls and provide students with the feeling of working a real shift in their chosen career field.”   

The event would not be possible without the involvement of volunteers both from Fanshawe College and the greater London community.

“This simulation event provides an invaluable opportunity for Fanshawe students to work side-by-side with municipal emergency responders,” said Bob Earle, manager of Fanshawe's Emergency Management Office. “The event would not be as successful without the support of London Fire, London Police Service, Middlesex-London EMS, Elgin-St.Thomas EMS, Perth County EMS, Oxford County EMS, Voyageur Patient Transport and London Health Sciences Centre. We thank them for their assistance.”

Trauma and Treatment event details

Emergency Telecommunications students will process simulated 911 calls and dispatch relevant details to Paramedic, Advanced Care Paramedic, Police Foundations and Advanced Police Studies students, as well as our community partners. The students will arrive on scene to find victims portrayed by Theatre Arts students and community volunteers who have undergone professional casualty simulation. Volunteer Paramedics from the region work with London police officers, firefighters and Fanshawe College faculty to supervise and provide constructive feedback to the responding students. Nursing students will provide triage and care after receiving the patients by ambulance from the Paramedic students at our simulated hospital within the High Fidelity Simulation Lab. Advanced Filmmaking students will videotape selected scenarios and interview emergency service personnel and bystanders on-scene. Police Foundations and Advanced Police Studies students will provide crowd and traffic control while investigating the scene, interviewing witnesses and potential suspects with the intent to lay charges.

This event is open to the media.